Tony’s Corner: Lady of the Rockies

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Hi to all my people around Tony’s Corner.

What is going to happen, you know one of the best things I got to use my table outside and do my art book and do my writing for the magazine.  I still would like to see many people like Susan Sullivan, Carol Wind, and of course, the Warden.  People I leave especially the rainbow room.

So now I get ready for Friday you see because the Asian Garden is not open on Sunday.  Trish and I went there and I had my sweet and sour chicken and good old soup.  Then we went to the Lady of the Rockies store.  Boy I know there’s a lot in there.  I did not know how much money I had and so we went in and again I was glad I had Harvey, my wheelchair.  And of course, I looked color to see it better and then into part I did not see.  I saw a room that I thought was just shut buy boy was I wrong at the far end was angels and so we got closer there was a rock I mean a big crate and the smallest one was ten dollars and I was glad that I had already spotted some other things.

Something said something about mothers and I thought mom would like it so that and a few other things.  And so Tricia said we would come back on Sunday and we did.  Of course, we went to church and I got my communion and it was nice.  And we went to lunch and I had my big pancake with apples.  Oh boy, it was good.  And went to a couple of garage sales again.

But it was getting hot and we went back to the mall and boy did I find a lot of things that did not cost much and I saw some dog pictures and some more sayings.  I bought one but I will tell you about that and others later.  I will always enjoy people coming to see me in the corner of my world.  Oh boy!

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