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Tony’s Corner: My big corner


Well here it is February, and things that I have to do at my big corner. First I went to my Monday day center. Getting there was interesting because of the person taking me. We had to go down the alley, but there was a car and truck blocking it. So, we had to back up. We did eventually make it. Of course, I did my art things and brought some art stuff for Deborah and anyone else who wanted to use it. Then we did have lunch. I was happy to see all of my friends I have made. So, Monday came and went. I thought I would like to watch TV and get ready for regular Tuesday. That is my writing day for my big corner. It was getting close to what I would do on Wednesday and Thursday. I would enjoy being with my family and back from both and getting down the streets. I said no matter what the weather was I really wanted to go to Mountain View on Friday. I got my good chair to use when I sit down, and there was my Santa Claus. A piece of paper for me to color, and I did color it. They did hang it up. I got my colors on it. Then a special crimson red. I got as much done before lunch. I forget what we had, but I did have some nice cookies. Then we did have Bingo. This time I did not win. Again, I was glad to be with my family. Of course, I would watch shows on the TV. Now we get ready for the rest of the week I watch “The Virginian,” and I fell asleep a couple of times. They asked me if I was going to watch football. I said no because no one I like was playing.

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