Tony Shea, author of Tony's Corner.

Tony’s Corner: Miracles From Heaven

Well I think I will look at my schedule twice, maybe three times. I did what I did on Saturday. So, the morning came, and I had two people give me a bath. I have a good breakfast. Then I got dressed, but there was a little thing that went wrong. I did say a prayer, and Kristy came in my room and said she was keeping an eye out for the bus. I think and who ever would come. I was going with my walker and I have a new name for it. One side was Annabelle and the other side is Orville. My ride did come and it was a big man and it was 11 a.m. I don’t know why they had to pick up and he did. It was after 11 a.m. and said we did not have time to get to church so why not go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Boy, I was glad that I had my wheelchair. I had the three piece meal and of course I had a root beer float and a cookie. We all got in the van and we had to do is go across the street. I think we all went to the bathroom. Someone went in with Arnie and we went in also. Both men got me done the right way. One step closer to Hallmark and getting Mom a gift. There was a lady and I think she remembered me. I saw the music box with a rose and a beautiful saying. I did like the other saying. She put them both in. I hope it all would be wrapped up. Of course, I did remember to say Thank You.  So we went to the show place and we waited at the door. Then we got into the door and Corey got the tickets to Miracles from Heaven and treats. I was just going to have a Frosty, but I got popcorn. I think one of the cleaners opened the door. We got to our seats. Arnie and the others sat across from us. Corey got me all set up and sat behind me. Then the show began. Boy, it all started with a bag, and at first, I did think that she was like Bette Midler, but I changed my mind. The things she did as The Boss. Even while she was in jail. So, she went to the person who worked for her, and she had a daughter. She would not let her in and the mother came home. She was there for a long while. They had many adventures all around the Brownies. There was a lot of other women that she had trouble with but she was the boss. Oh yes, she had a battle with these men and one of them was a small man and they had some accidents together. They got it all together and so did we. I said we will have to go get things together. See a better show like Miracles From Heaven and I know it is good because Bill did not see it but Elaine did. I hope we can see it over at the Washoe Theater. We will let Mother Nature take its course. It is just around the corner from my life beginning. I hope you can read the rest of the story.

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