Essie Evans and her son Cornielius Evans. Photo by Robin Nelson

A film about child nursing home living

Not Home: A documentary about kids living in nursing facilities

Nursing home living. Can you imagine how a children feels living there as they grow up? Celebrating Christmas, birthdays and other milestones alongside elderly bedridden patients is the mainstay for thousands of children with a developmental disability throughout America. Award-winning filmmaker Narcel Reedus reveals the stories of children growing up without a childhood in the heartfelt documentary, Not Home. Often parents of medically fragile children feel forced to make the decision to institutionalize their child because some states disproportionately allocate funding for brick and mortar institutions rather than the less expensive home and community-based living.  99 min. / documentary / 2012 / USAEssie.

Watch a portion of the film Not Home below:


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