The Life Unexpected by Marianne Russo

Book offers behavioral challenges advice

The Life Unexpected by Marianne Russo is the ultimate survival guide for parents and educators navigating the muddy waters of raising children with behavioral challenges.

Creator of The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Talk Radio Network, Marianne takes readers from that first step of accepting the reality of a new life to the true meaning of advocacy, empowerment and hope.

Behavioral issues advice, the Life Unexpected by Marianne Russo, creator of the Coffee Klatch Special Needs Talk Radio Network.

The Life Unexpected by Marianne Russo, creator of the Coffee Klatch Special Needs Talk Radio Network.

The chapters are weaved with touching, personal and sometimes funny accounts of Marianne’s journey raising two daughters with uniquely different special needs. She’s blended it with quotes and advice from the world-renowned experts she interviewed on her radio show.

Whether you are just starting out on this incredible journey or have been traveling the unpredictable terrain of special needs parenting for a while, this book is for you.

Marianne empowers and inspires readers. She offers advice on compassionate parenting for children and teens with behavioral issues. She also discusses learning the language of positives and the importance of looking at your child with a whole new set of eyes. She tells how understanding what makes these kids incredibly challenging also gives parents insight into what makes them brilliantly unique.

A book for all parents

 The Life Unexpected is not just for special needs parents and educators. It is for ALL parents, psychologists and relatives  looking to better understand challenging behaviors and uncover a child’s unique abilities. The Life Unexpected brings you to discover the wonder and marvel of the incredible differences in every child.

Once dubbed “The Parents Advocate” Marianne also reminds us not to lose sight of the person behind the parent and learn how to not only survive, but enjoy YOUR life unexpected.

The Life Unexpected brings a new perspective and understanding of challenging children and teens. It offers valuable information for their incredible warrior parents. Find more here.

To Know the road ahead ask those coming back – Chinese Proverb

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