Designing Positive Behavior Support Plans (Second Edition)


Linda M. Bambara and Timothy P. Knoster AAIDD (2009)


This AAIDD bestseller is a step-by-step, concise, and easy-to read reference for school teams, providers, students, and parents to understand, design, and evaluate positive behavior support (PBS) plans for students with developmental disabilities.

“This book should be required reading for every teacher, practitioner, and parent of children with and without disabilities,” says Lynn Koegel, clinical director of the Koegel Autism Center in Santa Barbara, Calif. “Few books parallel its comprehensiveness.”

Written by two well-known PBS experts, Linda M. Bambara and Timothy P. Knoster, the book features a clear conceptual framework on PBS to think critically about how to approach a student’s problem behavior proactively.

It includes detailed directions on using functional behavioral assessments to design individualized PBS plans for children with examples and completed forms.

And it clearly illustrates the contents of a comprehensive PBS, including: prevention through antecedent and setting event modifications; teaching alternate skills; designing consequence interventions; and creating longterm supports.

An abridged version of the assessment process for students with less intensive problem behavior is included along with a comprehensive case study, two sample support plans, a progress evaluation summary, and frequently asked questions.

By implementing these empirical strategies, professionals and parents cannot only manage toreduce the occurrence of problem behaviors yet also enhance the quality of life of a child with a developmental disability.

What sets the book apart is its user-friendly format, with examples, tips, forms, and checklists that make it a handy reference for school teams, students, providers, and parents.

Information and strategies laid out in the book facilitate the work of school personnel and contribute to a more respectful and caring environment.





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