Certain Proof

Certain Proof follow children with cerebral palsy

Certain Proof follows the lives of three children with cerebral palsy. Their struggle against the public schools is an emotional battle to prove their worth. Despite significant disabilities, Josh, Colin and Kay fight to prove they are able to learn and deserve to be taught.

Colin finds “No Child Left Behind” has exceptions. Kay combats harsh stereotypes inside middle school. Josh encounters continual doubt that he can learn at all.Certain Proof - Film poster

Facing relentless barriers to a meaningful education, their mothers try to give them a voice. Between a question of worth and the quality of their future, three young lives hang in the balance. The film is introduced by academy award winning actor Chris Cooper.

“We always hoped the stories of Josh, Colin and Kay could reach a large audience to shed light on the importance of assuming every child’s competence,” said director Ray Ellis. Added producer Susan Ellis, “Starz has embraced this film wholeheartedly, and we are overjoyed to be able to work with them to share this important story.”

60 min. / documentary / 2010 / USA

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