Moira Rossi. Photo by Will Dickey, The Florida Times Union.

Down syndrome doesn’t affect my ability to work

Moira Rossi has been a role model since she was a child, reports The Florida Times Union in Jacksonville.

The accomplished 27-year-old has acted in theater, been a public speaker, done nonprofit volunteer work, won a national video award, graduated from the University of North Florida, has two part-time jobs, serves on a state panel and is engaged to be married in 2017.

Now she’s starting her own business.

Rossi recently won a $12,500 statewide competitive grant to start Moira’s Ventures. Her business will create job-training videos and workbooks for people with developmental disabilities.

“I’ve got a full, busy plate,” she said. “I try to make it work.”

Click this link to read the complete story by The Florida Times Union.

Photo by Will Dickey, The Florida Times Union.


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