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Entrepreneur finds happiness in jewelry

She’s been making jewelry since 2007.

The jewelry she made as gifts for friends and family and for local art shows helped build the idea of starting her own business.

“I received really good responses and encouragement,” Audra Nobles said. “Most of all, I like jewelry, fashion and traveling and making people happy with my jewelry.”

The College Park, Md., resident was able to start her business after receiving a grant from The Arc of Prince George’s County. The grant allowed her to purchase a supply of semiprecious beads and stones.

Fashion and Style that inspires

audra with jewelry

Entrepreneur Audra Nobles says, “I travel, buy the semiprecious
stones and beads I like, sell my jewelry to my fans, meet new friends,
and display my talents as the owner of my own jewelry making business at conferences.” Courtesy photo

Audra, 25, says she follows current fashion trends, often referring to fashion magazines for ideas when crafting jewelry. She takes what is current and makes it her own.

“I think about what I saw and how I can use my own ideas to make jewelry that is fun, pretty and different from what the stores and shops are doing.”

Her colorful collection includes necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Some match with semiprecious stones like turquoise, amethyst and carnelian, among others.

“I really like the idea that I can create my own unique, one-of-akind, semiprecious bead and natural jewelry,” Audra said.

One day Audra hopes she’ll see her jewelry worn by her favorite stars, including, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus and Oprah.

Family got her started

Audra’s creations have allowed her to travel throughout the United States with her mom, who is her business partner, and dad in search of the right elements for her jewelry. But she first got her start in the fashion working in her parent’s consignment shop in College Park.

Audra worked weekends there sorting and displaying clothing and jewelry in the store. Audra said her mom and dad even let her choose the music while on duty. Her retail experience doesn’t end there. She’s also worked at the Burlington Coat Factory, Walmart and JoAnne’s Fabric throughout her middle and high school days.

“The retail work was fun, and I was able to gain experience in my community doing something I liked,” she said.

Being an entrepreneur brings happiness

While these jobs got her started in the world of employment, being an entrepreneur helped her find the work she likes best to “earn a comfortable salary.”

“I can use my entrepreneur talent to make a happy life,” she said.

Audra likes being an entrepreneur because it’s helped her become comfortable talking about her work as a jewelry maker and business owner. Audra also likes being a role model for other people like her who want to start their own business.

“Doing what interests us based on our own talent, we learn to say, ‘I believe in me.’”

If you’d like to purchase Audra’s jewelry, look for With These Hands by Audra on Facebook.

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