Fall is the perfect time to explore a new hobby

Expand your mind: 10 hobbies to explore

Hobbies can give you that creative outlet you might not get in your everyday life. When you’re involved in something you truly enjoy, it can help those long winter nights fly by. And, if you can find like-minded people in your area, hobbies can also be a great way to meet new people and experience new adventures.

Some hobby ideas to consider:

1. Photography: Fall is the perfect time to stretch your creative muscle and shoot all of the brilliant colors that come naturally with the season.

2. Cooking: Why not experiment with a new recipe using fall’s fresh harvest? Make a peach pie from scratch; try a new squash; roast some brussel sprouts. There are a lot of recipes online, or check out a cookbook from your local library.

3. Hiking: The weather is cool, the scenery is beautiful. Fall is the perfect time to rediscover nature with a hike or long walk.

4. Knitting: Just in time for the cold weather – or for holiday gifts. Knitting is something you can do while watching TV or lying in bed. It’s the perfect, portable hobby.

5. Fall foliage tour: Visit the Forest Service website to find the perfect spot to see leaves in your area changing color.

6. Museum: Visit a local museum. Chances are good you’ll discover something new right in your own backyard.

7. Start a dinner club: Invite some friends over, assigning each a dish. It’s a great way to catch up and visit. Or get some friends involved and start a “progressive” dinner party. The group gathers to eat appetizers or soup/salads at one person’s house; then everyone travels to another’s house for the main course; and finish the evening with dessert at yet another home.

8. Canning: Although it may seem very overwhelming, many first-timers find canning to be a simple and fun activity. Visit your local farmers market and pick up the seasons fruit and vegetables! You can make jams and jellies, applesauce, pumpkin for a delicious pumpkin pie – the possibilities are endless!

9. Write actual pen-and-paper letters to friends and family: With the ease and accessibility of email and social media, writing (or receiving) an actual written letter has become a rarity. This makes handwritten and mailed notes all the more heartwarming and special. Surprise your friends and family by sending updates by snail mail, just because. Find some fun stationery and a cool pen to make it that much more exciting for you and the recipient!

10. Rediscover a lost art: There was a time when resourceful people lived simply and made what they needed. Consider doing a bit of research (great excuse to visit your local library) and find a recipe for homemade soap. Try making new candles by mixing and melting old candles. Repurpose an old dresser or desk with some paint and a little creativity.

For additional hobby ideas, check out the following to get started: wikihow.com/Find-a-Hobbydiscoverahobby.com

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