Ashley, Janie, Vyeron and Walter pose in Macy's fashion.

Walk the fine line with Apostrophe fashion

Formally casual.

Fashion and style is like walking the fine line between dressing up and dressing down. And it’s is easier than you think.

  • Ashley is wearing...
    Comfort and style? It’s hot right now to wear balletstyled clothing and accessories. You can achieve that look with some simple leggings— black is best—and ballet slippers.
    Bar III Macy’s Exclusive Brand Floral Jacket, $84 Bar III Macy’s Exclusive Brand Black Leggings, $39 Bar III Macy’s Exclusive Brand T-Shirt, $29; Madden Girl Black Ballet Flats, $39
  • Vyeron is wearing...
    It’s usually a good rule of thumb to keep casual and dress clothes separate from one another. But sometimes, you can portray a casual, sporty look by picking loafers instead of sneakers with your weekend outfits.
    Levi’s 569, $59; Hurley Navy T-Shirt, $22; Hurley Navy and Turquoise Striped Hoodie, $59.50; Clarks Dolby Double Gore Brown Loafers, $84.99
  • Janie is wearing...
    Trying to put a little intrigue into your casual jeans and sweater routine? Sometimes you can change things up by just grabbing a pair of pants with an interesting print.
    Style & Co. Macy’s Women Hummingbird Blue Jeans, $59; Style & Co. Macy’s Women Turquoise V-Neck Sweater, $54; Clarks Dolby Double Gore Brown Loafers, $84.99
  • Walter is wearing...
    Even if the night is young, loosen your tie and roll up your sleeves a little. There are times to dress for the Ritz, and there are times to portray yourself as someone who knows how to dress AND relax.
    Charter Club Purple Checker Dress Shirt, $49.50; Contessa Mara Paisley Tie, $59.50; Alfani Belt, $19.98; Kenneth Cole Straight Leg Pants, $75; Clarks Dolby Double Gore Loafers, $84.99
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