fall leaves

Fashion Winter 2012 -13

Small signs of fall fashion & style.

It snuck up on us once again. You have two choices. You can long for the summer that has passed or you can embrace the fashion and style freedom that fall affords you. We choose the latter. Check out these fabulous fall fashions, found at your local Macy’s.

  • Bob is wearing...
    If you're dressing formally, your shoes need to match the color of your belt. But if you're dressing casually like Bob is, wear whatever shoes you want!
    Volcom Straight-Legged Pants, $49.50; DC Striped Sweater, $49.50; Nike Green-Striped Shoes $69.
  • Lorna is wearing...
    Things start getting chilly this time of year, and you've no doubt heard that layering is a good way to keep warm. But layering doesn't have to be boring. Mix the colors of your layers up and be bold!
    Charter Club Navy Dress Pant, $69; Charter Club Solid Shocking Pink Blouse, $64; Charter Club Blue Chain Vest, $109; Charter Club Large Pearl Necklace, $30; Born Lily Brown Flats, $90.
  • Nik is wearing...
    When choosing new dress pants or khakis, remember to check and see that they are flat fronted and not pleated. Pleats make your front section look puffy.
    Tommy Hilfiger Black Polo Shirt, $49.50; Tommy Hilfiger Red V-Neck Sweater, $44.98; Tommy Hilfiger Khaki Flat Front Pants, $49.98; Clarks Medina Black Shoes, $100.
  • Tiffany is wearing...
    You can still use those summer dresses. Throwing a light jacket over the top of a warm weather dress gives you the best of summer and fall at the same time.
    Kensie Impulse Graphite Combo Dress, $118; Kensie Impulse Garnet Jacket, $88; 2028 Red Silver Necklace, $38.50; Anne Klein Patent Sport Ballet Flats, $69.
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