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Winter to spring fashion transitions

As winter transitions into spring, your fashion transitions too. Spring isn’t easy to dress for because it’s still a little cool to pull out the short sleeves, and it’s not quite warm enough to ditch the winter coat. If you’re ready to welcome the longer days and warmer nights, it’s as simple as wearing lighter fabrics and adding a little color.

jay in spring fashionWhat Jay is wearing…

  • Red, gray and black tie by John Bartlette, $19.98
  • 55% cotton/45% polyester dress shirt by Geoffrey Beene, $52.50
  • Comfort waist black slacks by Savanne, $68

Apostrophe Tip:

If you are looking to project a more lively image, choose bright colors. Reds, bright greens and oranges are relatively populare, as is pink.


spring-fashion-teriWhat Teri is wearing…

  • Black slacks by Briggs, $48
  • Black sequin 3/4 sleeve top by Laura Ashley, $68
  • Gray multicolors cardigan by ABG, $62

Apostrophe Tip

When wearing black on black, try mixing different textures, such as sequins and a sweater so your monochrome outfit looks more complicated.


spring-fashion-debWhat Deb is wearing…

Multicolor top by Laura Ashley, $68

Apostrophe Tip

This spring, wear florals with pastel and dark colors. If you feel you need to add a little extra, go for the bling, such as the crystals on Deb’s silky blouse.


spring-fashion-troyWhat Troy is wearing…

Short-sleeve, cotton button down by Bass, $60 Black cotton t-shirt by Champion, $15 Comfort cargo all-cotton pant by Dockers, $55

Apostrophe Tip

Khakis are comfortable and they go with everything. When you’re choosing a shirt, choose a shirt with bright colors, like blue, or go with neutrals like black, white or gray.

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