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Apostrophe contributor Tony Shea loves movies! He especially loves the oldies. In his blog this week, he’s written a review of the 1956 movie, Giant.
It has all the classic actors, including Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Rock Hudson. Watching, you might think your in the middle of an episode of the TV show, Dallas. The classic western, drama, romance set in 1922, can be seen as a rerun on the TCM channel, or you can find it on DVD. Watch the trailer here.

Here’s what Tony had to say about Giant:

What a movie!  At the beginning we see a train and a big man. He is tall. He is looking for a horse, and he sees a horse. The father says that was his daughter, but at first, he does not really see her. We see the family. Boy, she ate healthy at the food table.

So we go to the girl’s room, and the beds are big. She got out books about Texas. So at the table, she brings up things she read, and then they walk out to the porch. That’s when the father really sees her, and he gets ready to go on a train. Oh boy does he miss the train, but the next time he doesn’t. And this time he’s got her.

The next morning he got into the car with the family and drive through a gate.

They finally get to a place where they are going to meet some people. Another person was his sister. She thought she run the place, but they have a party. She meets the rest of the close friends. She has sun stroke from the heat. But she said that she will do better next time and she did. She met the rest and a man named Rink. Little did they know that there was a battle of the two men.

She saw a lot of poor people, and she wanted to help them too.  Because she doesn’t know a lot. She went and home and told everyone what she saw. The next day he came. He was covered in oil, but she tried to be the boss. They had many adventures.

They have her family, she does.

During the show, she does have three wonderful.  Again that’s another story. They were young at that time, and they went to the grandparents for Thanksgiving. The kids were feeding the birds, and the next day the kids started to cry and she tried to make them feel better. Then they split up.  Again Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor kissed each other. The biggest was one of his their girls liked a man, and he made her a queen.

The father did not like this, and the son came in to party. They stopped him at the door and asked him who he was.  He was a Benedict. She gave him the lil ones, and she went to get her hair fixed.

But because she was an Indian, she couldn’t get her hair done. She called her husband, and boy did that make him mad. The battle came in between. They were going were the booze was, and the father knocked over the booze table downstairs. He went to do a toast, and he was beyond drunk.

We go back to the family, and boy, there was big talk with both the father and son.

In the background we see this lady who was the queen of the party. She was very upset at what had taken place, so the helper that had been there all their life you go down to where the party was and she looks in she can see what a real pain he is.

The next scene we see is that they are going down the road, and Rock said what about going to get a hamburger at this restaurant.

So they did.  They all sat down. The head guy in the restaurant gave them a dirty a look because of the Indian. They were ready to order. Some Mexican people came in, and the head came and was about to throw them out. Mr. Rock Hudson comes and says you shouldn’t treat people like that and music comes on in the background.  Then the fight is over.

All of a sudden, we are back home and see the kids and the eyes of the kids and that is how the show ends.

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  1. Really appreciate Tony’s Take. Linear narrative exposition gets the short end of the stick, thanks for being a writer who shows us what he sees, and, by God, there’s something I hadn’t thought of. Way to go, bro

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