Todd Eisinger sells greeting cards

Greeting cards inspire, educate

Through his greeting cards business, Inspires 2 Aspire, Todd Eisinger likes to share his life and experiences in the cards he sells.

Todd Eisinger greeting cards

This is the cover of one of Todd’s first cards. Todd’s mom, Debby, said through their own experience, they knew there was a need for congratulation cards, especially when a child is born with a disability.

Todd says the greeting cards provide a positive message not only for people with disabilities and their families but also for anyone looking to create a better community where they live, work and play.

“We hope that the buyer and the recipient, as well as others who see the cards, will see the capabilities of individuals, not disabilities,” Todd said.

Todd started his business in 2009. He received a grant from the Summit DD Community Employment Services’ microenterprise grant program to get his business going.

He said he opened a business because he wanted to be the role model other families didn’t have when he was born in 1982.

Todd’s mom, Debby, said through their own experience, they knew there was a need for congratulation cards, especially when a child is born with a disability.

“Some families have actually received sympathy cards,” Debby said. “We knew that families facing an uncertain future are looking for encouragement and support.”

Impressive resumé

Todd Eisinger Athlete of the Year

In addition to selling greeting cards, Todd was also the Ohio Special Olympic Athlete of the year in 2012.

Todd’s impressive resumé reflects the role model he aims to be. Not only is he the president of his own company, but he also participates in community service groups.

He promotes health and wellness through his active lifestyle and is Ohio’s 2012 Special Olympics Athlete of the Year. He’s a multigold medalist in swimming, alpine skiing and golfing. And he has a black belt in karate.

Todd says his success comes from the positive encouragement from his family, coaches and community.

Give Inspires 2 Aspire Greeting Cards

Todd markets his greeting cards on his website or at stores near his home in Akron, Ohio. His collection includes eight cards, each with its own “feel-good” message. He also sells posters.

Todd says his merchandise stands out from others because the greeting cards double as an awareness tool.

The front and inside have a special greeting such as:

  • “Sometimes the birth of a baby brings unexpected challenges. We want you to know there’s hope… there’s joy.”
  • “Success, the greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain ways to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

On the back of every card, Todd shares his story about the wonderful opportunities he’s had as a person with a disability.

An excerpt from the card reads:

  • “The greeting card you are holding exists because people like you helped me achieve my goals. I was motivated to work hard at whatever I did and to never give up. I learned to believe in myself and others.”

Check out for additional cards and posters. Watch for his new card, which will be revealed at the Arc’s national convention in August.

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