Lindsey Rose Roy pictured with her jewelry at her booth during The Arc Conference in Denver 2011.

Jewelry designer finds confidence in self-expression


Glass beads, semiprecious stones and clay materials adorn the playful, artistic jewelry created by self-made jewelry design artist and entrepreneur Lindsey Rose Roy.

Lindsey Rose Roy pictured with her jewelry at her booth during The Arc Conference in Denver 2011.

Lindsey Rose Roy displays her jewelry, Vintage Treasure” during The Arc conference in Denver 2011.

Lindsey, 21, got her start in jewelry design when she was given the opportunity to work at a beading store in 2009 after graduating from high school.

When she saw what could be done with jewelry, she was hooked. Her jewelry design business, Lindseymade Originals, was born.

“I like being a businesswoman because making jewelry is a big part of my life,” Lindsey said. “What I like most about having a jewelry business is being with my customers. I really enjoy sharing my jewelry with them and talking with them.”

If you’ve been to Willowstone Antique Marketplace in Colorado Springs, Colo., you’ve probably already had a glimpse of Lindsey’s unique creations. If not, check out her exclusive online store.

A sense of play

Lindsey says her designs are fairly straightforward. Different ideas and images spark her interest and allow for a sense of play in the materials she uses.

She says her playful jewelry collection makes you look at artistic bead work in a whole new light.

Vintage Treasures is the name of her current jewelry line, bejeweled with colorful glass beads, pearls, antique gold charms and clasps.

Lindsey Rose Roy jewelry

Lindsey’s jewely line is called Vintage Jewelry.

Recently, Lindsey expanded her skills to create costume accessories for a local theater. Captivated by the flexibility and beauty of beads and costumes, Lindsey says she loves mixing materials to form new works of wearable art.

“Jewelry making is important to me because whatever you want in life, you can make it happen.”

Lindsey, who was born with Down syndrome, took to artistic expression as soon as she was able to hold a crayon.

“Years of artistic expression made it clear that my life would be centered on my passion for art and music,” she said.

Inclusive school setting

Her determination to live life well began with her education in an inclusive school setting throughout her childhood.

Lindsey says she is able to accomplish much of what she puts her mind to in everyday life surrounded by her friends and family.

She has high hopes for her future as a jewelry designer — and a performer.

Whether she’s acting, singing or dancing, the stage is Lindsey’s home.

Her passion for performing in front of an audience led her to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, where she studies dance and performing arts.

She also belongs to the Imagination Celebration: Dragon Theatre, which is a community-inclusive theater, as a performer and costume accessory designer.

“My future has a lot to do with art, acting, singing and dancing,” she said. “I would really like to be a rock star on stage…or dancing with the stars on stage.”

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