Letters to the editor – Spring 2013

‘Keep up the good work’

I really enjoy reading your magazine. I am so glad that I have it. It is full of helpful hints. My favorite is the July-September issue (Summer 2012).

I have been looking for a dentist for a long time. I went to Vermont to visit my niece. I went to her husband’s dentist office. When I read the dental part, it caught my eye. I need to find a gentle dentist. One I can feel comfortable with. Grace was the dentist I saw. I really connected with her and the gals that work with her. I don’t think I would have seen her if I didn’t read that article.

Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job. Keep up the good work.

Lani L. Bartholomew

Kailua, HI

Apostrophe a ‘professional resource’

Thank you for providing Apostrophe magazine. As a parent of a child with special needs and as a professional in the field of special education, I find your magazine to be quite informative. I am always impressed with the quality of your magazine. As a professional, Apostrophe is one that I would confidently use and site as a professional resource.  The colorful pictures and the glossy pages make for a very professional look as does the quality of the articles presented.

As a parent, I am always moved by the focus of Apostrophe. It is so awesome to view a resource that brings out the “abilities” of those with special needs while emphasizing that those challenged with disabilities are “people first.” Thank you also for providing the business card directory for easy access to disability driven organizations. As the parent of a daughter who is blind, I am continually grateful that Apostrophe provides quality articles focusing on accessibility for all people.

Barbara Balko

Outreach Vision Consultant, M.Ed. TVI/COMS,

Certified Deafblind Specialist, MT School for the Deaf

Missoula, MT

A voice for people with disabilities

The article “Man on a Mission” featuring Kurt Rutzen in the Winter 2012/2013 issue of Apostrophe did an outstanding job of describing Kurt’s passion and determination. I have had the privilege of working with Kurt during our past three legislative sessions, and I have seen him grow in his skills and ability to influence people. Kurt is a perfect example of how one individual can influence public policy.

The article does a great job of describing Kurt’s unique ability to build personal relationships even when working on difficult issues. Kurt will be sharing a copy of Apostrophe with each of our 201 legislators, and hopefully this will help them better understand the challenges and achievements of persons with disabilities.

This is the first time that I have had an opportunity to read an issue of Apostrophe, but now I am hooked. It is great to read about the achievements of persons with disabilities ranging from individuals running their own businesses to overcoming challenging medical conditions. Apostrophe gives a voice to persons with disabilities not only by sharing their stories but by providing them with a format to share their own thoughts and ideas through their own columns. I was also impressed with the advertising that featured adults with disabilities.

I look forward to reading the next copy of Apostrophe and even learning more about the achievements and challenges of persons with disabilities.

Steve Larson

St. Paul, MN

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