Lupita Cano of AE Design

Lupita Cano a bold, unique artist


Art for the ages

Lupita Cano of Seattle, Wash., is known for her bold personality and unique perspective, setting the stage for an artful career, which started at a young age.

“Ever since I was a baby I liked to do art,” Lupita said. “I did hand painting in preschool.”

Her motivation to do art carried over to junior high where she learned woodworking, pastel painting and other creative arts. Lupitia, 45, continued her love beyond high school graduation, soon discovering that painting is her passion and calling.

Finding inspiration

Lupita Cano of AE Designs

Lupita Cano is an abstract painter. Her business is called AE Designs.

Now, Lupita’s artwork is as colorful as her personality.

“My paintings are like the many colors in a mosaic all mixed together, clashed into one,” Lupita said. “My art is blobs of paint dancing and flying across a stage.”

Inspiration for her abstract artwork includes works by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci. Her father and grandfather also share a special place in her art.

“Sometimes I paint for myself,” Lupita said. “It’s personal.”

Her preferred medium is acrylic paints. Lupita taught herself using a variety of brushes, doppers, pallet knives and even her hands.

“Sometimes I work in mixed media, like layers of glitter glue, Mylar, pastels, even dried leaves.”

Lupita describes her studio in Seattle, Wash., as a happy, warm and friendly place. On a typical day, you’ll find her, smock on, working on her latest piece. A disciplined artist for more than 15 years, Lupita works as many as 18 hours or more per week.

Art of business

Back in 2001, Lupita found a way to take her discipline to a new level by starting her own business.

“I wanted to do a job with my hands,” Lupita said. “I thought it would be fun to work with art, so I started AE Designs by Lupita.”

Her paintings, which begin on large canvases, are made into mugs, cards, t-shirts, coasters and prints. They are sold at conferences and art shows as well as Pike Place Market and Bambu Organic Salon in Seattle. You can also purchase Lupita’s cards at her store online at

Starting a business created many opportunities for Lupita.

“I get to create more art, travel all over to conferences and shows, meet a lot of people and make new friends,” she said.

Lupita says the best part about her business is that “it makes me feel good when people enjoy my art and say, ‘oh wow, takes my breath away!’”

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