Mesh wreaths for every occasion

Create an easy mesh wreath for any occasion

Mesh wreath themes are only limited by your imagination. When choosing supplies, keep your theme in mind. Is it a holiday or other special occasion wreath? Look for mesh styles and colors to match your theme. Ornaments create that special touch.

What you will need:

h-&-g-suppliesFind supplies at your local art and craft store.

  • 18-in, wreath frame
  • 18-ft decorative mesh, 10-in wide
  • 20-ft decorative mesh, 6-in wide
  • 50 cable ties, 3 7/8 in
  • Ornaments of your choice
  • Scissors


h-&-g-tie-mesh-on-outsite1. Wrap large mesh, around the wire frame. Loosely connect mesh with a cable tie around each perpendicular bar and second circle.



h-&-g-second-layer2. Continue wrapping the mesh forming a second row. Loosely connect the mesh to the third circle. Stagger the ties between the ties on the outside row.


h-&-g-adjust-layers3. Adjust the mesh so it bunches evenly between each tie. Gather the mesh as tight or loose as you like. Tighten the cable wraps.



_h-&-g-trim-excess4. Trim the ends of the tie wraps. Trim the excess mesh with scissors.



h-&-g-burap-in-the-middle5. With the narrow mesh, weave loops up and under between the two rows of the large mesh. Once you poke the material through adjust it so the material bunches evenly. Trim the excess mesh.


6. h-&-g-ornaments-to-frameConnect the ornaments using the cable ties. Connect them to the frame or the mesh. Once satisfied with the placement, trim the ties.





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