Negotiating the social borderlands

Negotiating the Social Borderlands

Negotiating the Social Borderlands: Portraits of Young People with Disabilities and Their Struggles for Positive Relationships exposes readers to the lives of three young people

Negotiating the Social Borderlands by Janet Sauer, AAID (2012)

Negotiating the Social Borderlands by Janet Sauer, AAID (2012)

Janet Sauer uses portraiture to narrate the stories of these young people and to capture the many dimensions of each.with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities.

She balances description and expression to provide a compelling view of the nuances and complexities of their lives.

Determined to never lose sight of the dimensions of the selves of these notable young people and the social contexts in which they live, Sauer examines the complexities
involved in the way these young people communicate with others.

Without wavering, she explores their deep, personal relationships; the contexts in which these positive reciprocal relationships developed; and how the relationships evolved
from the perspectives of each of the participants.

Negotiating the Social Borderlands, an unapologetic presentation of a remarkable set of narrative portraits, is written for a broad audience and offers an inherently complex, sensitive rendering of three personal stories in which a variety of important social issues can be seen and then examined and discussed in light of each reader’s practices, policies and perspectives.

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