Tony Shea sees Ghostbusters

New Ghostbusters full of action


Well, you know the good Lord and His Son and of course his mother Mary… so we will start this week with going to church. My mother was with me, and it was a beautiful service.

Afterward, we went to see a movie! We saw Ghostbusters II. It was a little chilly, and I was so glad that I brought my sweater jacket. First, we had lunch at Tippin’ A Glass at the Butte Plaza Mall. Of course I had the Butte sandwich (as usual). It was 12:30 p.m., and I told my mother  I would not get nervous about the time because they would still play all of the ads for us to watch.

When we got to the counter, I ordered a big bag of popcorn and a diet pop. Earlier, I had found out that Kara bought me a special movie theatre ticket (about one hundred dollars!) She also got me a full season ticket to the Mother Lode Theatre!

Anyway, my mother and I got to a seat, and there were at least two other people already there ready to watch the show. When Ghostbusters II started, we saw a woman who was standing there all by herself. She was a teacher, and she was kind of mad about the book she wrote. The woman got into quite a bit of trouble and was fired from her job. The woman went to her friend’s house and when she went inside, you would not believe all the stuff she had! All of a sudden, we see another girl and find out later that she made almost all of the things that were in her home.

Then, we see an African American lady, and we find out she works at a train depot. One day, she was walking by herself down the train tracks and all of a sudden she sees a big bomb! The train depot worker screams and runs like the devil! The next thing you know, she went back home and told everyone what she saw.

The friends got a place from a man who gave it to them because he had some big problems. He did lock the door again and talked to other people to give them jobs. There was a man who was kind of nuts, he just sat by the telephone and he did that all wrong but they sure had more adventures!

They all wore uniforms and had special guns and bombs and some big stuff happened. This man had something happen to him just like in the old movie. He did a lot of things different too and it was just like magic. So, in their new place they found another man who also wants to do something to change the world but awhile later he got loose and boy, there were a lot of them!

This time there was help but the other man shot everyone. They finally caught him and made him good again.

They won the battle and they walked off into the sunshine. After the movie, I took the brakes off my wheelchair and said “Do we have enough time to go to the art place?” and I said “If I had a thousand dollars, I would spend it all there!” Until next time….

One thought on “New Ghostbusters full of action

  1. Tony,
    You are such a great writer. Enjoy reading your stories. So glad that your mom got to go to the movie with you. Enjoy other movies. Looks like you are doing well.
    Take care and God Bless.

    Your fellow classmate
    Mary Lou Pozega McDaniel

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