Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: New shoes

The start of my next big adventure.

Oh boy! I did watch my movies to calm me down. It did because I was going to the foot doctor. I think Kadie did bring me, and we were on time. I did use my

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

walker. I went into the small room and sat down. My legs were up and my blood pressure was good. In came the doctor, and Kadie took off my shoes. The doctor did all the things he usually does. He then left the room and came back with a box. I thought I knew what the box was for, and I was right. I stood up and put one foot on at a time to get fit for new shoes. I sure hope they fit better.

I hope it would be another movie. I forget which one it was. I was again not alone. It was the third or fourth one I saw and of course I had pop and popcorn. So I could not believe that it was the best week since Mom’s birthday. I thought I would call Francie. Again, I would tell her how I got everything. I bought a poster to fix up. Francie said next week she and Karen would go to Walgreen’s and have the pictures from her visit printed up and put into an album.

So another week came and the month was half over and gone. Sunday came, and Kelly and I went to church in the big bus. Of course, we had some problems, but we made it. It is always god to see Father Haffe. I had the full communion. Then we got to the Plaza, and I was glad that we parked near the theater, so I could see what other movies were playing. I saw a poster for the one we were going to see. It was called Pixels. We went and looked a the menu, and I decided to have an egg sandwich and root beer float. While at the movie I had just popcorn. After the movie we went back to the chicken farm. I used the bathroom and watched a little TV but not for long because I wanted to get there on time. So we were on our way. Oh Boy!

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