Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: Nice to be with my mom and family

Here we go again at Tony’s Corner! It was nice to be with my mom and family. Now we come to the weekend, and I have some plans. Like the things I have under the bed, and I had in the chair. Boy I did not know what I had. I took out the coloring book and some other things. I was going to watch my new movie that I got at Walmart but other things happened. This was Saturday. The food was good along with the smoothies. If you haven’t tried it you should. Come anytime, and try it. I got a surprise. I saw the door and of course, I did not know who it was. It was Debbie and when she came in she was crying. I found out she was sick. So I left to work on my pictures. I said to myself I will give it to Debbie just to make her feel better. I did some more pictures. I think that I had my small blizzard, and boy, it was good. They had one of the girl’s pictures to me. I found places for them. They did come, and I gave them more of my pictures again and so another Sunday. Boy I had some ideas for the day. Of course, I was glad to go to church and see Father Haffe. I thought he was gone to Spain or Portugal. He said he was going tomorrow. Then we went to Wally World, and we went to Subway. It was good as a Monte Cristo, which I wish all my friends would like. So after that we went to this special restroom and that was good too. Then we went where the movies are. There was “Into the Woods.” It was the first one I saw. Then I asked where the Turner Classic Movies were. He could not find it. I said ok, and we went to the $5 movies. I found a movie. I think it was the story of a young man who is in a boat and this is a tiger, and so again, I did my things and was going to watch it. Maybe there was a baseball game and the entire show. But I watched what was on Turner Classic Pictures, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” I would like to go to a movie at the Washoe Theatre with all my friends, so I wish upon a star, your dreams come true like going to the crystal place here in Butte, but mother nature comes up. Oh boy, going to the pet store and what’s going to be at the Civic Center like Mayfair. If I have to, I will use my Harvey. My niece’s confirmation is soon, and again, I will be with my family. Of course, my sister will be here, but I do wish upon a star any dream will come true in Tony’s Corner, she is in Butte. I want to see all my friends. We are all still alive, and God Bless them all.

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