Chambers Bay Golf Course

Photoshop genius

Meet Tim Carter. He’s a high-dynamic range (HDR) photographer, and he transforms photos using Photoshop.

Tim Carter

Photographer Tim Carter produces high-dynamic photographs using his digital SLR camera and Photoshop.

You’re probably wondering what HDR photography is. Tim gave us a brief description:

“I enhance photographs with Photoshop to look like paintings. Most of my artwork consists of multiple images layered on top of each other, which are called high-dynamic range.”

After HDR

Before HDRAbove after and below before, Tim combines multiple photographs of the same image to give it a dream-like appearance. Right are before and after shots he took near the Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, Wash.

A natural shutterbug Tim got started with photography by volunteering as a video tech and stagehand at a community church and while taking a photography college course at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, Wash.

“Working on my Associate of Media Design and Production, I found out I was very good at photography but too slow for industry standards,” Tim said.

He didn’t let industry standards stop him though. Instead, he found another way to enjoy his newfound love by producing HDR panoramas and individual HDR photographs, a type of photography that requires a little more patience and processing.

“[I can] use my computer as a remote control for my digital camera to be able to change the settings without touching it,” Tim said. “This allows me to be able to put my camera and creative positions to capture the beauty of our world.”

Tim’s love of photography led him to open up his own business called Nature City Photography. He’s been doing it since 2000.

“I am inspired to do my photography while I walk and ride my bike around the city and capture the beauty of our world one frame at a time,” he said.

One of his favorite creations is an 8″ x 2″ piece he was commissioned to do for the Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, Wash. — the same golf course that is holding the 2015 U.S. Open.

TJ and Vicki Staupe

TJ and Vicki Staupe, owners of the Chambers Bay Golf Course, pose in front of Tim’s photo, which hangs in the lobby of their club house.

Finished in January, his photograph was printed on aluminum and hung in the Chambers Bay clubhouse with his proud signature.

“This job paid $1,300, which was very exciting for me and my business,” he said. “This was done without a gallery exhibit or studio.”

Over the summer Tim will attend three festivals and art shows in Washington and California, including the International Art Festival at Peace Arch Park, Slingshot Alpha Art Forum and the 25th annual APSE National Conference.

His work is also at the Farmer’s Market in Tacoma, Wash.


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