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Michelle Fischer, a journalist with cerebral palsy, opens up about her big break

Michelle Fischer, a journalist with cerebral palsy, dreamed big and was even luckier when she hit it big after being offered the chance to host her own podcast. For six years now, she’s been the host of A View from My Window.

To carry out her wish to become a broadcast journalist, Michelle Fischer did what any journalist would do — she began investigating.

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Michelle Fischer pauses for a photo with her mentor Paul Howell

Michelle Fischer pauses for a photo with her mentor Paul Howell.

Michelle went to her local TV station and became friends with the news anchors and producers. Often, she sat in during live broadcasts.

Her first mentor was Paul Howell, a former news anchor in her hometown.

Michelle told Paul that she wanted to become a TV broadcaster and asked for his help.

About 10 years later, their relationship came full circle.

Using some of the great tips and techniques Michelle learned from Paul, she turned the mic on him as a guest on her show to talk about his son who is a person with autism. Listen to the interview here.

The big break

Michelle’s big break came when she modeled for The Arc Indiana’s calendar fundraiser.


Michelle Fischer holds an interview for A View from My Window at The Arc Indiana’s octagon room.

John Dickerson, former CEO of The Arc of Indiana and now a candidate for Indiana senator, said he got to know Michelle during the photo shoot. He was the photographer.

John told Michelle, “The camera really likes you.” He said she responded by telling him “That’s good, because one day I want to be a TV anchor.”

That day, the pair had a conversation that eventually led to A View from My Window.

“I always wanted to do a radio show with an anchor system for families,” John said.

From there, he and his staff began to learn everything there is to know about hosting a radio show.

Since 2009, Michelle, a journalist with cerebral palsy, has hosted her own podcast, A View from My Window, twice a month right from the octagon room at The Arc Indiana in Indianapolis.

“We’re just really proud of her,” John said. “She will make it big one of these days.”

Not only is Michelle the host, but it’s also her job to research the topics and guests. She gets help from Sally Morris, the producer, and Bryce Dickerson, the sound engineer.

“She’s so natural and a dynamic interviewer,” Sally said. “It’s wonderful that we got to meet her and get started.”

Her mom, Gayle Fischer, is also instrumental.

“My mom has been my biggest fan since I started the podcast,” Michelle said. “She’s my makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and my sounding board. She drives me to all my interviews. I love her!”

Each of Michelle’s podcasts covers issues that affect people with disabilities and their families.

“Information is power, whether it’s you or a friend or family member, everyone can learn and be empowered by listening to the show,” she said.

Most importantly, Michelle wants to let other people like her know that a diagnosis of a disability, like her cerebral palsy, is not the end.

“It may mean taking things a little slower as far as goals and dreams, but when you accomplish something, the victory is sweet!”

Michelle gives these tips when going for your dreams:

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your dreams.
  • Some people will say you can’t, instead look for those who want to lend a hand.
  • Set goals to match your abilities.
  • Work outside the box.
  • Use People First language.
  • Be the best person you can be.

Watch Michelle’s special podcast just for Apostrophe

Apostrophe is proud to welcome Michelle as a contributor to ApostropheMagazine.com. She is going to be offering special reports to Apostrophe through her podcast, A View from My Window. Her first is with Alice Bast of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Click to find it here.

Miss part one? Learn how Michelle got started in her career here.

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