Writing is a daily delight for Micah Muma. His preferred style is rap-like poetry. Courtesy photo

Poetry explores fetal alcohol syndrome

Micah Muma has been writing poetry since he was a kid.

As his home-school teacher, Micah’s mom, Sheri Muma, says he’s always loved to write.

Writing is a daily delight for Micah Muma. His preferred style is rap-like poetry. Courtesy photo

Writing is a daily delight for Micah Muma. His preferred style is rap-like poetry. Courtesy photo

“Early on Micah showed that he likes art,” Sheri said. “He wanted to write novels.”

Now 24, the Boone, N.C., resident, prefers poetry.

“I love writing poetry about life,” Micah said. “I love writing about what I am feeling in my heart or just how the day is going on.”

His writing is inspired by Psalms and David in the Bible, his mother and college writing coach, Susan Griffis. With a pen in his hand “every day, about every second,” Micah says his favorite thing about writing is letting go of all his worries.

I feel “free and have the sense that I can express my own self,” he said.

Micah is a student at Shepherds College in Union Grove, Wisc., where he’s going to school to “maybe” become a cook when he graduates.

“I can’t really see what I’ll become, but I can work hard to become the person I dream of,” he said.

His life list includes getting married, getting a job on a cruise line and exploring the world to find his “true inner self.”

Bound for America

While he’s quite a ways away from his family in North Carolina, he was born in Bulgaria. Both he and his sister were adopted and raised by the Mumas with six other siblings (three also adopted from Ethiopia).

Coming to America with his new family at age seven has left a lasting memory with Micah.

“My favorite [memory] was being with my new family coming into America from Bulgaria and enjoying the new feeling of strange love and freedom,” Micah said.

Although raised as part of a loving and caring family, life has brought some challenges.

His poetry explores these challenges, which come in the form of intellectual disabilities, fetal alcohol syndrome and reactive attachment disorder, or RAD.

According to Mayoclinic.org, RAD is a rare condition found in infants or young children who have a hard time forming emotional attachments to their caregivers.

Sheri says that at times, Micah suffers memory loss and struggles with judgment.

“[Writing] helps him process the trauma of his life,” she said.

When it comes to school and life, Micah says he’s doing his best to overcome all obstacles and challenges. His motivation is inspired by a quote he wrote.

“I live for a reason, and when it’s my season, it’ll blossom, and I pray I’ll give true motivation to others.”

Below find a poem written by Micah:

Poetry by Micha: Dream Big, Fear Less

We will all have our days when we wake up thinking,
‘I’d rather quit than move on.’

‘I’d rather quit than move on.’
Life’s a big problem.

Life’s a big problem.

Don’t let the problem consume you.

Don’t let the problem consume you.

Make a better you; you are far better without stress.

You know you are too blessed to be stressed.

Don’t let life be limited;

let life be limitless.

Don’t be in haste to waste it all.

You have to fall at times

before you learn how to walk the right way.

At times, you have to lose your own self to find yourself.

Your destiny is within your own grasp.

The pen that writes your life story, believe it or not,
must be held by your own hand.

Life holds great opportunities.
It can also hold you down in pitfalls and stress.

Avoid the pitfalls, seize the opportunities
and get back to where you know you are blessed.

Life is…life.

Don’t let words destroy you.

Make the impossible possible because
It’s your journey.

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Make your own destiny.

Life can be harsh, but…

You are the one who controls your attitude.

Dream big.

Fear less.



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