Providing Health Care for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health Conditions in Rural Settings

John Holderegger, M.S. & Ann R. Poindexter, M.D.NADD (2006)

providing health care for individuals with developmental disabilitiesPeople who provide services in rural areas for people with intellectual disabilities and behavioral/psychiatric problems face a multitude of problems when in comes to health care — and many have developed innovative, effective ways to address these problems. This book describes both the problems that are routinely faced and the solutions that have been and are being developed to solve these problems. While these solutions have occurred in rural areas, many should be readily transferable to more urban settings.

Author John Holderegger, MS, is director of Mountain Regional Services Inc., in Evanston, Wyo. Ann R. Poindexter, MD, of Conway Ark., is a primary care physician with many years of experience in working with individuals with intellectual disability and behavioral/psychiatric problems. Both have worked together to provide services for people with the two disability sets who live in rural and remote areas. The book is available from

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