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RaceCar Waterboy Inc. making the rounds

Located in Statesville, NC, David Taylor, Jr.’s business, RaceCAR Waterboy, LLC, was named for his lifelong love of NASCAR.

David Taylor mug shot

David Taylor

He established his own business in 2007, selling ice-cold water bottles for $1 at NASCAR races, street festivals, county fairs and many other events.

David says his business not only gives him the freedom to enjoy life when he’s not working, but he also loves his job.

David got his start with funding from the local Vocational Rehabilitation program in Statesville, which helps people with disabilities achieve gainful employment.

To receive funding, he was required to attend a small business ownership workshop.

He learned what he needed to do to form his small business, write a business plan, prove his ability, work with Vocational Rehabilitation as well as use his “circle of business friends.”

On the business track

He got started right away on developing a business plan and building a circle of friends after taking the class.

Even though he had these in place, at first, Vocational Rehabilitation denied his request to start a business.

David said Vocational Rehabilitation was concerned about his ability.

Refusing to give up, David said he requested the opportunity to prove he could run his business.

He showed them the essential job functions of his business, which included making his own ice and setting up coolers, collecting money and giving change as well as using the internet to locate events and make contacts. David also proved that he could manage a business with proper assistance from his circle of friends, which includes a lawyer, bookkeeper, insurance agent, three business managers and marketing and tax managers.

Determination pulled David through his presentation, and Vocational Rehabilitation gave RaceCAR Waterboy the green light.

His eagerness and willingness to show what he can do helped change Vocational Rehabilitation’s outlook on entrepreneurs as well. Now there is a rule for future business owners, which requires demonstration of only one essential job function instead of five.

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With the funds from Vocational Rehabilitation, David was able purchase all the equipment needed to start his business, including a van with a lift scooter, accessible van ramp and carts for coolers.

Recently, he’s expanded his business. Now he’s on the move with a golf cart during races at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, NC, selling Dasani water. He sells ice to race fans at the RV park as well.

David also teaches others the lessons he’s learned on the path to entrepreneurship. He shares his experiences as a public speaker and has talked at many events across the U.S.

David said his success has also led him to write two books that help others like him gain independence: “Micro Enterprise: 25-Step Business Plan Workbook” and “The Road to Work.”

Through the lessons he’s learned David says “Dreams come true. I live life in the real world and you can too.”

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