Reach for the Stars – Jigsaw


After a fantastic night at the art show, Fay and her friends are excited to talk about their dreams and reaching for the stars.
Jigsaw cartoon by Tess Langston. Man! What a night huh? Yeah it was so cool having all those people there just to see Betty's art! Honestly if you just keep working at something and never give up you can do anything you set your mind to. I betcha I'll have my art in a gallery like this someday... I can't wait until I have my first book published and have a copy of it in every bookstore around the world. Yeah, anything could happen...I betcha I can't get this internship and survive the semester! I believe you can do it Ed! Hahaha!

Tess is reaching for the stars

Tess Langston has been creating the Jigsaw comic strip for Apostrophe since January 2012. A newly 2016 college graduate from the University of Montana, Tess will continue to create Jigsaw.

Read her story here.

Would you like to see more of Tess’ work?

Find it here.

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