Rockers dance team

Rockers bring spirit to Special Olympics

Are you ready to rock with the Rockers? The 100-member dance and cheerleading team in Billings, Mont., is sure to get you up and cheering.

Rockers Cheerleaders

Above, Rockers cheerleaders (left) Pennie McNaney, Adysen Fitch and Dani Heser cheer for the parade of athletes.
Top, Rockers dance team performs during the 2014 Yellowstone Valley Special Olympic Games in April, pictured are (left front) Stacey Booth, Emma Booth; (left middle) Casey Curl, Brianna Almadinger, Katie Bosch; (left back) Wil Malsom, Paul Ortega.

They perform at many venues in the area, including the Yellowstone Valley Area Games, the Montana State Fair and various assisted living homes.

But perhaps their most important show this year is their performance at the Montana Special Olympics summer games during the opening ceremony.

“The cheerleaders and dancers are a combination of Special Olympic athletes and volunteers, with the greater number being Special Olympics athletes,” group leader Tamara Grimm said.

In May, the Rockers, and out-of town Special Olympian guests, performed during the Montana Special Olympic summer games.

“In Special Olympics we have so much talent, and I wanted to open more doors of opportunity for our persons with disabilities and welcome those without disabilities,” Grimm said.

Grimm is grateful for the volunteers and other group leader who help put everything together for the opening ceremony.

When rehearsing for the opening ceremony, volunteers and group leaders assisted and made room for everyone on the floor.

“When I turned around it brought tears to my eyes to see everyone working together,” Grimm said.

A former member of a cheer and dance team, Grimm’s background is in music education. She said she always wanted to lead her own dance and cheerleading group. She couldn’t think of a better group than the Rockers.

“They share so much in their dance that the inspiration is endless,” she said. “Sharing the joy and excitement with others makes me very proud.”

Every Sunday from November to May, the Rockers rehearse their performance at Lewis and Clark Middle School gym.

Grimm said the most challenging part of her job is getting everyone together at one time and making sure no one is left out. She makes a video for each participant practice between rehearsals.

“With every practice and performance, the cheerleaders and dancers never fail to amaze me,” Grimm said. “After going over the steps they put it all together, and if they have a hard time, they make up their own step.”
Grimm says that along with the challenges come great rewards.

“The most rewarding to me is just watching them all and the smile on their faces when the crowd cheers.”

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