Tommy Hilfiger adopts adaptable clothing line


Son inspiration for New Jersey mom's adjustable clothing line, Runway of Dreams

Runway of Dreams is a nonprofit organization that works to make mainstream clothing adaptable for people with disabilities.

Founder and fashion designer Mindy Scheier, Livingston, NJ, started the organization about two years ago. Her son, Oliver, who was born with rare form of muscular dystrophy was her inspiration.

Now Runway of Dreams is paired up with the Tommy Hilfiger brand, which offers the adaptable clothing line for children with disabilities, sizes 4-20 for boys and 4-18 for girls.

Runway of Dreams Tommy Hilfiger adaptable clothing line photos by Richard Corman. Meet the models below. Click here to find clothing descriptions.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Runway of Dreams clothing line became mainstream after Mindy was introduced to the manufacture, Global Brands Group.

Both Mindy and Global Brands collectively agreed that Tommy was the perfect brand to pioneer the product, especially since there is a huge untapped market for adaptable clothing for people with disabilities.

Mindy Scheier, Founder of Runway of Dreams

Mindy Scheier, Founder of Runway of Dreams. Photo by Richard Corman.

“They were on board almost from hello,” Mindy said.

Not only is Tommy Hilfiger family-oriented brand, but also it didn’t take a lot of work to modify the clothing to fit Runway of Dreams’ adaptability recommendations.

The adaptions came from the suggestions Mindy received (from around the world) after performing an extensive online survey using Facebook. She also held several focus groups with kids, parents, caregivers and others who work in the field of disability to narrow down the best adjustments.

“The process was very well thought out, one that really came from the community,” she said. “I only knew what I knew from Oliver.”

The Tommy Hilfiger line with Runway of Dreams adaptions includes easy-opening shirts with a concealed MagnaReady® magnet closures, elastic and adjustable waistbands, adjustable length and leg openings, shirts and t-shirts that open from the back with MagnaReady® closure and Velcro flys. Click here to find the collection.

Mindy says that the Runway of Dreams is “authentic from beginning to end,” including the models featured in the Tommy Hilfiger clothing line.

“I couldn’t bring in typical models, I had to bring real kids,” Mindy said.

For example, Runway of Dreams model Liam is a 14-year-old who has been in a wheelchair his entire life. After trying on the clothing, he told Mindy that it was the first time he’s ever been able to dress himself.

“This is so basic, but so enormous in his life and his families life,” Mindy said.

To purchase Tommy Hilfiger’s Runway of Dreams clothing line for kids, head over to Runway of Dreams is also working on adult adaptable clothing to be available in the near future.

Check out this video featuring Runway of Dreams models.

Meet the Runway of Dreams models

Katie-Credit-Richard-Corman-100Katie’s favorite subject is reading. She participates in the BYC Spirit Cheerleading team (a cheer team for children with special needs) and will be participating in Challenger Baseball this spring. She is super social and is always smiling!


Oliver-Credit-Richard-Corman-100Oliver likes soccer most. He loves playing goalie and says he’s getting very good. His favorite subject in school is recess and probably history. Oliver says he’s watched the movie Titanic well over 100 times and knows every single word.


Liam-Credit-Richard-Corman-100Liam also likes soccer. If there was a wheelchair soccer team near by he’d sure give it a try.  He likes math best and enjoys the rest of his classes as well. Liam was once on the news for a piece about a children’s specialized hospital. He’s also the 2015 MDA Goodwill Ambassador for New Jersey. Last year he played Daddy Warbucks in his middle school play, Annie.


Sam-Credit-Richard-Corman-100Sam loves to play baseball, and his favorite sport to watch is football. His favorite subject is science. He is an expert Xbox player and wants to design video games when he gets older. In addition, he played on a basketball team this year and had a great season. He is a finalist in his school’s spelling bee.


Lili-Credit-Richard-Corman-100Lili is a horseback rider. Heading out to the barn at least once a week, she’s been riding since she was five. “I absolutely love it!” she said. Lili likes math and music. And she is the  2016 MDA Good Will Ambassador. Lili has three dogs, two sisters and a brother. She’s visiting a few colleges over spring break. She has a great group of girlfriends.


Gianna-Credit-Richard-Corman-100Gianna’s favorite sport is cheer leading. She enjoys reading in school. She walked in New York Fashion Week in February with Rebekah Marine who was born with similar traits.


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