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Sexuality education for people with disabilities

In this edition of A View from My Window, sexuality education is the podcast topic presented by Apostrophe contributor Michelle Fischer. During the podcast, Michelle visits with Katherine McLaughlin who is an expert on sexuality and developmental disabilities.

Michelle Fischer and her podcast, A View from My Window, is among the media who cover the Indiana state Special Olympics games.

Michelle Fischer, A View from My Window podcast host.

Katherine teaches sexuality education to people with developmental disabilities. She trains them to be peer sexuality educators. She holds workshops and has spoken at several national conventions.

Within the podcast, the duo talks about the benefits of sexuality education. She says we are all “sexual beings.”

A 12-minute podcast, Michelle says “I appreciated how Katherine said we are all human beings, and we can have those relationships whether disabled or not and how really eye opening these types of conversations can be.”

Find the podcast, A View into Sexuality Education, below + some informational handouts about sexuality:


Katherine shared these handouts that teach what it means to be a sexual being. 

1. Being a sexually healthy person means more than staying safe. Below download a handout that describes what a sexually health person is. This handout will show you ALL of the areas that make a sexually health person. You can use it to think about what areas you are doing well with and what areas you want to focus on to become a sexually healthy person. 

Sexually Healthy Person

2. Below find a handout on safer sex. It gives you information on what that means and ways to protect yourself.

How to have a pleasurable and safe sexual relationship

Sexuality is important part of everyone’s life, but it is also very private. Both of these handouts are to be looked at in private. 

If you need more information about these topics, talk with someone that you trust. You deserve to have information about sexuality and it is okay to have questions.

Michelle Fischer is a regular contributor

Michelle Fischer has been a regular contributor to since September 2015. Find previous podcasts here.

If you’d like to learn more about Michelle and her passion for journalism, check out her feature story (part one and two) here.

Find Michelle’s blog here.


2 thoughts on “Sexuality education for people with disabilities

  1. Thank you for addressing and posting this podcast. It is a helpful guide as to where to find more information as I have been looking for resources for quite some time for my son. I must admit, I thought the podcast would be more direct teachings vs a reference on where to locate more information. I will look to the website given as I have additional questions in regards to our individual situation. This is a good starting point but the podcast was not what I was anticipating from the title. (Sexuality education for people with disabilities.)

    • Thanks for your comments Robin Clason. We just posted a couple handouts from Katherine that gives good information about what it means to be sexual.

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