Shepherds approved for federal student aid

Shepherds College, a three-year, post-secondary school for young adults with intellectual disabilities, announced that they have been approved for federal student aid.

This decision by the U.S. Department of Education makes Shepherds College the first school in the nation designed for this population to be approved for this program.

Federal student aid ensures that all eligible individuals can benefit from federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school.

Since Shepherds College admitted its first class of students in 2008, parents have had to privately fund their child’s education. With the opportunity to gain assistance through grants and loans, the dream of a college experience is more accessible to people with intellectual disabilities.

“In the past, the biggest concern for parents of potential students was, ‘how do we pay for school?’” said Chris Wright, director of admissions at Shepherds.

“Parents of individuals with intellectual disabilities haven’t had a chance to fiscally prepare for an advanced education. Now, with FSA as an option, families can see past the barrier of finances.”

Tina Goldstone, parent of a Shepherds College student, said, “As our family has dealt with a major health crisis this year that will be ongoing, one of our fears has been how we would be able to afford to keep our daughter at Shepherds College. This program offers her the best chance of living an independent and productive future.

“Having the opportunity for her to receive federal student aid has greatly relieved our worries. We are extremely happy for our daughter and all of the other students at Shepherds College. Federal student aid will help to give them much brighter futures.”

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