Boy with autism inspired by chimes


I often find those special films that are entertaining, enlightening, memorable and personal. Not an easy task. I am thrilled to find Chimes for Tyler. It

Comic artist with autism college grad

Tess Langston, Apostrophe Jigsaw comic artist, graduated from the University of Montana May 14, 2016, in Media Arts. Her primary interests are comics, animation, mythology, and music. She is also a person with autism.’s Jigsaw comic artist, Tess Langston, is now a college graduate! May 14, 2016, Tess walked the stage with her fellow University of Mo

Journalist with cerebral palsy podcast

Michelle talks to the athletes a the Special Olympics state games in Indiana.

Michelle Fischer, a journalist with cerebral palsy, dreamed big and was even luckier when she hit it big when she was offered the chance to host her own