Judy Adams poses withe the almost 500,000 dimes she has collected.

Teen reaches 500,000 dimes for Down syndrome



Judy Adams reaction as she find out she's collected half a million dimes.

Judy Adams reaction as she find out she’s collected half a million dimes. Click the photo to watch the video. Read her story below.

Judy Adams birthday wish came true! She has officially raised 500,000 dimes – 501,409 to be exact. Her mom, Kim Adams, said Oct. 26, was their six-year anniversary of saving the dimes.

Judy plans to continue to save dimes, with a new goal of 550,000 dimes. The money will eventually go toward wishes for people with Down syndrome. Click the photo on the right to watch Judy’s reaction when her mom tells her she’s reached her goal.

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Judy has a special goal for her 18th birthday (which is Oct. 9) – and she’s almost reached it! Her goal is to collect 500,000 dimes. Judy says she’s been collecting since she was 12 for her Dimes for Downs fundraiser.

She decided to start collecting dimes to benefit her mom’s charity, Gifts from the Heart for Downs.

With 136 wishes granted to date, the charity raises money to give “wishes” to people with Down syndrome. A wish could include anything from an iPad with all the accessories to a meet and greet with someone famous.

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18 dimes for Judy’s 18th birthday

Judy Adams is on a mission to collect 500,000 dimes to benefit wishes for people with Down syndrome.

Judy Adams is on a mission to collect 500,000 dimes to benefit wishes for people with Down syndrome. Courtesy photo.

One day Judy said she found her mom, Kim Adams, crying because she was having a hard time trying to fulfill a wish. She didn’t like seeing her mom so sad.

When Judy woke up the next morning, she announced that she wanted to help.

“She cooked really good eggs,” Judy said. “While I was eating at the table, I told my mom I would help to collect dimes for her.”

Although Kim was skeptical at first, Judy was able to convince her mom about how important the charity is to her.

“I love to see people’s faces and how they react to a present they wanted or needed,” Judy said.

At first, Judy’s goal was 155 million dimes.

“She didn’t understand a million,” Kim said. “So we broke it down into small increments.”

They started with 5,000, and then 10,000 on up. So far to date, Judy has collected 487,165 dimes. They’ve been storing the dimes that come in on a weekly basis in a large garbage can. See Judy pictured above.

Kim said the garbage can is rated to hold 200 lbs. Almost 500,000 dimes weights more than two tons.

“I am a little nervous the can will break,” Kim said.

Because Judy has just a little way to go to meet her goal, they’re doing a campaign called “18 Dimes for Judy’s 18th Birthday,” asking people to send 18 dimes to benefit Judy’s fundraiser for her birthday, which is in just a couple weeks.

Kim says Judy is usually the one who comes up with great ideas to promote the fundraiser, but this one was her own.

“I told my mom she finally has a good idea,” Judy said jokingly.

“She’s very, very funny,” Kim said.

A cheerleader (she likes to be thrown in the air), a Disney Channel “Make Your Mark” feature (for two years now), and Daytime Emmy nominated for the Disney feature (she wore a beautiful red sequin dress), Judy is no stranger to the spotlight.

Once she collects 500,000 dimes, she hopes to bring all of them on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She wants to let the world know that many wishes are on the way for people with Down syndrome.

“I want to say hashtag best friend Ellen (#bestfriendellen),” Judy said.

If you’d like to help Judy on her “18 Dimes for Judy’s 18th Birthday” venture, you can send your dimes to:

Dimes for Downs
P.O. Box 129
Tillson, New York, 12486

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  1. Judy, Apostrophe wants to be the first to congratulate you on meeting your goal of 500,000 dimes. There are sure to be many more to come!

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