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Tony’s Corner: March 17


Welcome to the biggest time of the year because it’s March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. We got to talk about what happens on the days before. So, here we go again on Tony’s Block. Oh Boy! Well I start off by going to all the centers just as usual. I talk about the things I do as usual. So, I came in, and this time I saw the lady who put one of my pictures up. She was not alone. I met one of the men from the new house. They were working on a puzzle. It was a map of the U.S. They were just starting. I said to myself I would watch them. Kelly had a book, and it looked like a mystery, but it wasn’t. Because they were going, she got involved. Then we had a lunch, but oh yes, I had a camera, and I asked Kelly to take a picture of them. She did, and Bill came in and again I said could you take a picture of Bill and me. She did it twice, and then allowed me to see it. If it turned out when they finally came back. Now I was going to take some more pictures. Boy, there was too many people. We had a good lunch, and after I did do my sayings like the one on my black table that reads, “Kind words do not cost much yet they accomplish much.” Again, seeing my mother, who is 100, and Billy Joe. We kind of rode around, but we got there and a lady came and told us where we should sit. Mom was already eating. They brought our food. It was a wonderful. We finished it off with small cute cupcakes. I looked at the time, and the bagpipers were not there yet. Again, I notice all the people who were there. Mr. Wapant who would sit in front of me at Holy Family was there. There was also a lady who had the house across the street, and the place I called the castle. I saw the bagpipers, and you know that I did not have hearing aid on. I knew that Mom and I could hear it. BJ took some pictures of the bagpipers, and I said I would like a picture of Gene Thomas and some of my relatives. Boy, it did work out. We got to the car and Billy Joe had forgotten to bring in the candy for Mom. So, she ran it in real quick. I would have wanted some of it now if you get down to the nitty gritty. I would like to see my Mom again on St. Patty’s Day. I do want everything that Kadie and Lisa want me to do but now back to what I have done. I hope to finish my Santa Claus at Mountain View. Again, what I am going to do on Sunday, all the things and again I saw my brother and Susan Sukkivan and David. My new case manager came also. Now, if the lord willing and the creek don’t rise I will do it all, and I will write about the adventures in my corner.

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