Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: A picture’s worth a 1,000 words

But you know that the good Lord will plan the way as he has done in the past. The first time here I could not say the name of the place and called it the chicken farm. I also had to go up the ramp. I did have a room. At that time, I just had my blue chair and only a small TV. There were people all around me. My brother Bill brought up my big TV, but not right away. It was big but he carried it up the ramp even with his bad back. My sister Francie hung some of my pictures and then Lisa fixed up my room. I would do a lot of artwork and quite a bit of other good things. I went to church, day program, and Mountain View (right next to St. Ann’s). Of course Father Haffe said the mass and one time the bishop came and had a beautiful mass. Boy I was glad I was in my wheelchair. I was with one of my ladies, and she took a lot of pictures. When I got the picture back, I did put it in a photo album. Of course I did plan for that. A little while it would be my birthday and the fourth of July. We would also be getting ready for my Mom’s birthday. I would make posters and again Bill and Francie sent me some pictures. Boy did I use them. When Francie came and she did come along with Karen. We had a lot of talking and they looked at the pictures. The next day Victoria brought me to Mary Carol’s house. Boy did it look big. Again there was a lot of people. The next day we went to the art center for Mom’s big party. I sat next to Mom. You know what? It felt like it was just like it was on my big birthday. So, a little while later, I got another photo album from Francie. I love it very much. It is half full with pictures from Mom’s birthday. There were many empty pages left. Here it was the end of August, and now we were getting ready for school. This time it is for me having new adventures. In the month of September, I would like to see the way things go. As I always say “We will have to see what Mother Nature brings.”

God bless all of you who read my stories.

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