Tony’s Corner: At the Movies

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Well here is what happened.  Of course, I had my popcorn and pop at the show house.  You know that I can’t go without the treat.  Just getting there and some adventures like riding in my wheelchair.

All of us were going and I went on first.  Boy were we having trouble with the lift. The staff worked together and got it done.

I sat next to June and whoever sat behind me ask me again if I want the usual treat.  I got them and I thought I missed the beginning of the show but this was a Disney movie and it did start with a baby being born.

Down in this special room they had these special balls that they could see what was coming.  There were a lot of things happening and it had a very happy ending.  We saw all the credits.  This was all on Saturday.  We all got to the bus and boy it was hot.  I hope that it no be too hot.

Here we are at the beautiful church.  I had another girl help me.  I was in my wheelchair and receiving my communion both ways.  It felt good.  Then we went down to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  We went in and ate just like old times.  She asked what I wanted.  I had three big pieces of chicken and three side orders.  One was a good ole’ root beer.  Boy did I want more.  I saw a man coming in with a sign.  He said to just pick up.

Oh boy things always happen.  Well we went over to the mall and the art supplies place but boy it was hot but we made it in.  My lady where do we go from here?  We go down to the poster.  I think I got four.  Down a little way was special paint.  I bought four or five.  Maybe I should work on the blocks.  Well I did not start right away.  Of course, I put on my TV, which I still call my babysitter.  I did do a lot of my blocks.  I got more than I thought.

Now I will get ready for my birthday and the 4th of July and Art in the Park and a big BBQ.  All the things there.  Oh boy I want to see the rest of the story.

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