Tony’s Corner: Birthday gifts

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Hi this is a special story as it is getting close to the rest of the good things and Mom’s birthday.

You know I remember that Mark’s birthday on the 24th, and you know that when I was little younger and the Washoe Market burned down and he keeps me alive so I hope to find something at Art in the Park and maybe I can find something for Annie because her birthday is the 25th.

Oh yes, the Art thing at the Civic Center and of course.  I will go to Mountain View and find out what time I will go just like I did last year and it would be nice if I did get something like my monkey Homer, but Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, and see a lot more at the barbecue and of course, I would have a very big scone with no honey and if I don’t get that I might have a big ice cream, a very healthy one and maybe some of the art that like the sign and some more rocks and Francie will come on the 5th.  She will have Karen with her.

Then take care of the posters and maybe I can go for a ride around and church and the congregation picnic and things that come up and it did come up and as usual I’m up from my bed.  I went and read the paper and I had a good breakfast and so I went to my room and waited for my ride to come and she did.

Of course, the first thing I went to the rest room and they all said you did not stand the right way.  I said twice I should clean it up and I sat down and I don’t know what I did first, but I asked about my art work for the fair at the Civic Center and I want to have my turkey that I have at home and I would bring it on Friday.  I said I hope I get a ribbon and then I did the bingo and I won a crossword.  I said I will give it to Kelly.

So we left and we got back and I thought that we were going at three and so I said I will sit out on the porch.  About three thirty they said I should go use the bathroom and that mad me feel good.  When I got down to the bottom, we put my walker in the back and used my wheelchair.  We went to Sampson House to pick up Wally and a lady.  We went on and the weather was perfect and on we went and just for the fun of it I said I hope you know where to go and they both laughed.

We got a parking place, and I got walking and then we got my wheelchair and I got into my seat and they got going and boy they had a lot of rocks and some parts were tough but we made it to the walkway and we waited for the rest of the group and so I said we should got that way but we did not and we went to the right.

I will fill you in with the rest of the story next time at Tony’s Corner.

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