Tony’s Corner: Dessert


Now we go on with my life in Tony’s corner!

It’s wonderful that again I am alive and getting ready for my next adventures.  I was going to the Elk’s dance, but Sam thought it was in Anaconda. She called on her cell phone to find out where it was. Then we turned the van around to get back to the Elk’s. We got to our table, and boy it was crowded. We got a good place to sit.  The food with blueberries. The big thing I had a pop and cookies. I told Bill I had enough dessert for a week. Then Lisa Kopp and Josie, I saw. I saw so many of my friends. Sam said, “Do you want to go?” I did not want to but because I had a pop, I had to get to the restroom pretty badly.  The bathroom was clear across the building. We went out and down to the corner. It was a little cold, but it felt good.

I sat down to watch my TV and rest. That night I watched King Ron. I forgot what the other one was, but I know it was on the same level and started to work on a small picture to have on the outside of the door by the small picture. I think it was, but it would be nice and then I will also get ready for Sunday and here it is Sunday.  I did the usual things, and we went to church.  Father Haffey was not there yet. Then we went back to the place where I would have a Monte Cristo, but I had pancakes with apples and a big amount of whipped cream. It was good as the strawberry. Then we got ready to go to Wally World.  The best one we could see was Happy.  Then we went toward where the movies are, and I got there was one Doris Day that I already had.  I don’t know where it was.  The new Gatsby and a double video of old family movies is what I bought.  I also would like you to read this.  And now I will get ready for my next adventure.

Thank you always,

From Tony’s Corner until next week.

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