Tony’s Corner – Elk’s dance

Hi there folks here I am at Tony’s Corner.  I hope whoever reads this can maybe come and see my place.  I also hope to see all my friends at the Elk’s dance.  If I have to I will take my wheelchair to be on the safe side.  That’s not until Friday though.  There are a lot of things that I like to do like maybe on Thursday if possible I can make it to the Crystal Place.  I did not make it last week because of the weather.  I did make a couple of lunches out.  I did get to church and did everything.  After church we went to a different Subway.  Jamie helped me a lot.  I though besides just going to Petco, we were going to the Dollar Store, but she straightened me out and we went to Petco.  She showed me a picture of her dog.  It was all white.  Boy the animals were good to see.  The first thing we saw were the fish.  Then we saw the ferret, a little stealer.
I called one of the ferrets Fred because he came right to us.  We got some treats for Jamie’s dog and paid for them.  We went out and we saw two cute dogs.  I got to pet one of them.  It so happens we went to see her dog and her boyfriend.  She opened the van door so I could pet the dog.  He was friendly with me.  I have some big adventures coming up and I hope I will tell you all about it.  When I got back I called my mom and it was good to hear her voice.  Now the rest of the story.  Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.  It did rasie because Lisa checked my writing and she said that I have 80 more words.  I’ll write about the wonderful girl Lisa.  Again it will take mother nature for the rest of the story.

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