Tony’s Corner: Valentines Day


Hi there from Tony and my corner. A big greeting from my real name, Anthony Emmett Paul Shea. Again it is getting near Valentine’s Day.  I have some plans that I hope I can do like when I go to the Day Center and get in my new lift recliner.

Tony SheaI mention that we could do something for lunch like chocolate milk, Bill said that he hadn’t had that in a long time. Then when Wednesday comes I will see what comes up. I do wish to have a good seat at the Mother Lode when I go to see the magic show even if it costs a hundred dollars! It would be worth it because when you get down to the nitty gritty I do enjoy magic. When you get to think about it, everything I do is magic. Even going to church on Sunday because that’s what I called going to the movie theater, I called it church.

So, what’s going to happen to me on Friday and the rest of the story? 

Well, here it goes. First, I saw a movie a long time ago and thought that you would to like to hear about it. Jules Verne going to the Center of the Earth with James Morson and Pat Boone. Well, we see a man going down the big street in Scotland and then buy a paper. While he is a color guard comes. He makes it to his classroom and they gave him a grand suite. One of them over does it and they give him a fight and a speech. He stops him and they dismiss the class except for Pat Boone.

He got a rock and asked why he did not come to the house. You come to the dinner. We got to the house. There was a beautiful girl and she hears a bell. It’s Pat Boone. He dressed real nice and while he was there. Then the other two guests came and the girls saw that he was not there. He showed the rock to her and what was in it. He blew the rock off and found there was something written on it and it was all about all scientists 300 years ago, all alone. They had some big problems and know that it was one of those things. The wife of the man who somebody else wants it. He gives her all the stuff and she ends up going with them. Also, a big man goes. They get going and it takes them a mountain going down and of course have a problem. The man who done the husband in. Boy did they have some grand adventures.

The best part was they found Atlantis, lost the bad guy, and they found their way. They had to blow their way up and then they made it with a happy ending. Someday, I will give you the rest of the story at Tony’s Corner. 

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