Tony’s Corner – Family outing

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Here I am about to start my next adventure with my family and things the right way.  Instead of going to the bowling I would go to Mountain View but I will go another time to Day Services.  Maybe we we’ll go on a picnic in the park.

I hope that again I wish some of my friends and teachers would come to visit me on my birthday, July 1.  I hope Nancy Ziegred and of course all the people that I lived with at Hearthstone.

Again I will tell you about my time away from the chicken farm.  First comes Friday again.  I go to Mountain View and hopefully finish my cooke jar and be with my family.  You know we did not have bingo.  Gigi helped me out again.  We had a good lunch and lime sherbet.  So I did finish my things.  As I was leaving Gigi said that she would spray my cookie jar.  We left and went home to watch a movie.

Sunday I went to church.  As always I watched people come in and Father Haffe was wearing a special vestment.  I believe he got it for his 25 year of church service.  When it came to communion I got both.  We left to go to the plaza mall.  I hope that it was open.  Well, it was.

We had a good hour and a half before the movie.  There weren’t many people there.  We both looked at the menu.   Boy it sure looked good.  Of course, I was in heaven.  Boy it was just like my Monte Cristo.  We still had less than an hour, so I went to the bathroom and I done good.  We went across to the sport place and it was fun.

Let’s go to the rear of the show house, but we did not.  I will tell you more next time.

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