Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: Goosebumps

Well here I am on this beautiful Tuesday. I will tell those of you who read my life story and the rest of the world what goes on. First, there were a few changes because Lisa was going to her son’s wedding. I thought that I would have Joe, but I did not. I got along fine. I did tell Kadie what I would like to do. One thing I did was to call Francie first. We had a nice talk. She said that she was not coming to visit in December because of all the people coming. So, she said that Shay would be graduating in May. I sure said, “Oh boy time goes by.” I told her about the artwork and some other things I have been doing. On Sunday, we went to church. This time Father Haffe was there. I told him I like my St.Ann’s book. Then we were on our way to the Plaza. It was a little cooler, but I like it that way. I looked to see what other movies were playing and at what time. I was about ready to see Goosebumps. Then we went and ordered a big sandwich. Boy, it was good. We got stuff, and the girl told us that I would have to wait. So we went to the door right where the movie was. I am glad that I had my popcorn and then the people came out, and I asked how the movie was. They said it was suspenseful. We went in and got to our seats. The credits were still on. It was almost three. They showed all the ads. Finally, the movie started. It began on Mars, and there were a lot of people working. All of a sudden, there was a big storm, and they all began to leave. Some of them did not make it. They though he was dead but he was not. Through all of the show, I think just to keep alive, he would see how much food he had. Of course, all of the things they had from the equipment. He tried to get some and to help him get home. Here was some problems. There was two ladies that got things going. They did. Then we went to this place that looked like a park. He watched the people. He was glad to be home. What he was telling people he would meet. Then we went out, and it was 5:45 p.m. I hope that we had dinner. Here it was another adventure at Tony’s Corner what was going to happen. Oh Boy!

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