Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: Just another day


Yes here is another Tuesday and what happened in my life. All the things that will happen too. Let’s start with good old Friday. I took my bath as usual and just getting ready for the day. I didn’t know who would be taking me to Mountain View. I did what I was suppose to do. They told me it was time to stop because we were going to watch a movie. I got saddled into my chair. I did these things: my picture of a tiger and some more to do. I also started to watch the big movie. As I was going to see it, I realized it was Benny and June. I knew what was coming up like that Johnny Depp did and said to the girls it might be a tough one for them to watch. So, lunch was not yet ready. So, I finished my big tiger, and it sure looked good. We did have a good lunch and sorta like what mother would make leftovers. So we of course played Bingo. Boy, that was fun. Then Lisa came to pick me up. She carried my sign, and I walked down the hall. Then I went back home. I think I watched a movie and relaxed. Of course, we come to Sunday. I was going to have Kelly, and it was nice that she is a Catholic because we did all standing and sitting. Again, I was done with church. Off we went to eat at the Plaza. One thing, it felt like winter but here we were. She parked by the theatre. Just to see what would be on like the Bridge of Spies. So, I got some popcorn, and the girl opened the door for us. The credits were still playing. They had a whole bunch of advertisements. Then the show started. Someday I will tell you about the movie if I buy it. I will tell you about what else we did. I got a wooden letter T at the art place. Of course, we went into Hallmark. I enjoy pressing the button on the music boxes. We found some sayings. Someday, I will write about them and my dreams here at Tony’s Corner.

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