Tony’s Corner: Lent


Tony SheaI am Anthony Emmett Paul Shea from Tony’s Corner, and we are still in the month of January. We are just a month from the start of what we know as Lent, which brings us into Easter. First, I will get ready for my brother’s birthday. It’s the same day as Ronald Reagan’s. Then comes Valentine’s Day. My mother and fathers’ wedding anniversary is the day after. 

Now I will tell you about what comes to mind.  When Lisa came into my room and looked around, she decided to clean up a bit and change some things around. Now I see a picture of my 10 Commandments that I have to follow along with a picture of my name that I bought at Art in the Park.

Again, I like where she put things.  She put the big picture of Paul Murphy and Orville and me under it along with my Tony the Tiger blue shirt.  Today I hope I can do this right.

I’m not going out today, but I would like to meet the man who is putting what I write together so that I can say thank you. I don’t know how you do this for me and make the art.

Well I will tell you what’s coming up.  Oh boy, here comes my lady, I mean Lisa.  She will get me to walk and sometimes it can do things to my body that is good for me and so I told her a lot of things.  I told her that my sister and I both like bears, and Paddington is coming out.  I said that when I went out to my sister’s.

Now I found out that it was only Harry Potter, so I had a goal that I have to work for.  If I can get better, I will be able to see the world like the day center and do my art work and be with my friends and new family.  I will tell you all what’s coming up and will tell you the rest of the story at Tony’s Corner.

Author. Painter. Historian. Critic. Grocer. Movie fan. Theater attendant. Friend. Traveler.

The history of Tony Shea’s life can be found in every corner, nook and cranny of his Oak Street apartment in Anaconda, Mont., on the fifth floor of a sturdy brick building,

Shea has three comfortable rooms jammed, crammed and stuffed with ceramic collections, photographs of family members and mementos from trips across the country and to Ireland.But the most striking thing about Shea’s apartment is the movies. There are thousands of them, stacked in piles and sorted on shelves.

“I don’t even know how many I have,” Shea said. “There’s too many to count.”

Shea is well known in his home town, and not just because he’s the town’s most famous movie buff. Shea is an Iris man recognizable to almost everyone in this largely Irish town.

If you’ve lived here, you’ve probably met Tony — either at a show at the Washoe Theatre or from his days working at local markets. Or maybe you checked out one of the books he wrote from the library.

So begins the story Apostrophe published about Tony Shea in 2009. 

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