Tony’s Corner: Life is beautiful

Author. Painter. Historian. Critic. Grocer. Movie fan. Theater attendant. Friend. Traveler.

The history of Tony Shea’s life can be found in every corner, nook and cranny of his Oak Street apartment in Anaconda, Mont., on the fifth floor of a sturdy brick building,

Tony Shea

Shea has three comfortable rooms jammed, crammed and stuffed with ceramic collections, photographs of family members and mementos from trips across the country and to Ireland.But the most striking thing about Shea’s apartment is the movies. There are thousands of them, stacked in piles and sorted on shelves.

“I don’t even know how many I have,” Shea said. “There’s too many to count.”

Shea is well known in his home town, and not just because he’s the town’s most famous movie buff. Shea is an Iris man recognizable to almost everyone in this largely Irish town.

If you’ve lived here, you’ve probably met Tony — either at a show at the Washoe Theatre or from his days working at local markets. Or maybe you checked out one of the books he wrote from the library.

So begins the story Apostrophe published about Tony Shea in 2009. 

Tony is still writing today from his home in Butte. This is the seventh installment of Tony’s Corner, a regular Apostrophe web feature.

Tony’s Corner

Good day to all who read and know life is beautiful. Now I always start my day off just getting out of my real bed. I have the folks at my home see if I am still alive. I make my bed and say good morning to Homer. Lisa gets me all ready for the bath, and after I have my bath and my breakfast, she keeps me going. I do my special exercises, and then whatever they plan for me. But, you know, I would like you all to come and see my room because when I first moved in I had my big chair that could lift me up and have my legs up and, of course, I have over a thousand movies. I call my video player my babysitter. 

I am glad that I am alive. But when I have my problem, I have people who read magazines to me, and I have my art, like my ceramics, and I got my ribbons at the art show.  

I had fun at my outings. Maybe someday we can go to a garage sale and meet some other people. Maybe they will have a band that you want to hear even if they don’t have People First any longer. I am at this new house. I know that I will have new adventures, and now and again I will tell you the rest of the story. 

Tony Shea's family

Tony Shea, far right, with his family.

I want for the real cold weather to come. I mean the snow. I will be going to Halloween parties with all of my new friends. Even with all of their problems. I have problems, but all I have to do is exercise, and it will help me. And it will also get me ready for Thanksgiving. This year I will not be in the rest home or the hospital. And maybe I could go to the church. I sure am glad that I have so much to look forward to. I hope to tell you the rest of the story at Tony’s Corner! 

I am again at my corner. I will tell you of my adventures, but I could not do it without my family. I have included a photo of them. I will also have people helping out on some outings. I like going to garage sales. I like crystals because they are so beautiful. I used to have a lot of them.

I get around with my walker from the hospital. I would like you all to come to my new home. There are a lot of tables on the outside, and it’s beautiful out there. But I really want my family — I mean Bob and Sally and Mark and Craig and Amy and their kids when they are grown up, like Shea. She has a driver’s license. She has gone out hunting, and she does art work. Mark has two girls, Macy and Anne. The nice thing is they live around the corner from Mom’s house. Craig lives in Missoula, and he has two kids, Gemma and Sam. He teaches school.

With Halloween coming, I hope to see my family and get candy. I would like my friends to dress scary and pose for a big picture.

God Bless you all!

One thought on “Tony’s Corner: Life is beautiful

  1. Hi Tony, my dear friend from our high school years. Remember our prom ? You have always been a gentleman, and radiated happiness and kindness. I want to read your stories. You have been blessed with a well deserved awesome life. I pray continued blessings will come to you. I will see you in person next time I go to Anaconda and Butte. Your friend always, Magdalena
    (Marthaller) Johnson

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