Tony’s Corner: Love Will Find A Way

Author. Painter. Historian. Critic. Grocer. Movie fan. Theater attendant. Friend. Traveler.


The history of Tony Shea’s life can be found in every corner, nook and cranny of his Oak Street apartment in Anaconda, Mont., on the fifth floor of a sturdy brick building,

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Shea has three comfortable rooms jammed, crammed and stuffed with ceramic collections, photographs of family members and mementos from trips across the country and to Ireland.But the most striking thing about Shea’s apartment is the movies. There are thousands of them, stacked in piles and sorted on shelves.

“I don’t even know how many I have,” Shea said. “There’s too many to count.”

Shea is well known in his home town, and not just because he’s the town’s most famous movie buff. Shea is an Iris man recognizable to almost everyone in this largely Irish town.

If you’ve lived here, you’ve probably met Tony — either at a show at the Washoe Theatre or from his days working at local markets. Or maybe you checked out one of the books he wrote from the library.

So begins the story Apostrophe published about Tony Shea in 2009.

Tony is still writing today. This is the third installment of Tony’s Corner, a regular Apostrophe web feature.

By Tony Shea

There is an organization that when I retired I belonged to. It is called Mountain View It is part of St. Anne’s Church. It is an organization for people with disabilities.

At first I brought movies for them to enjoy and then we did some art work. I had big plans for having theatre there, which included figuring out names and roles that people would play. When that fell through, we just got into the art work hardcore.

At Christmas time we’d get real nice presents such as blankets. But the best thing that I can say is that when we ate, everything was sugar free. They definitely made sure that I stayed healthy and happy.

Not too long ago I talked to Lisa Kopp, who gave me rides from Anaconda to Butte every Wednesday Josie is the one who really made sure that I stayed sugar free and healthy almost like my mother Kathie.

Cindy and I cleaned our tables after lunch and Gigi helped me with my ceramics.

When I first met Gigi I called her hot lips from the TV show Mash. When she reads the paper she has a very cute giggle that makes me smile.

Of course I have people there that remind me of my Orval. Orval was a man that when I first moved to Hearthstone apartment, he would read to everybody while he sat in his wheelchair If he liked something, he would say, “Oh, boy!” Orval was a Baptist and he went to church every Sunday but on Monday he would come into the library and be with me and about forty five people and we would say the rosary.

A lot of times there would be a baby and he would rock the baby while the parents would say the rosary. So what I’m trying to say is that I have a lot of good people in my life who love me and care for me.

I hope that my people in AWARE, Mountain View, and the movie theatre know how much I care about them.

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