Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: Meeting up with some friends


Hello to my family and my new friends. To look at the picture from my wall is just like when I lived at Hearthstone in Anaconda, Mont. Two of my ladies fixed up my room that was on the fifth floor. They did a picture of clowns and stuff. Now we come to the next step. Just like the Poseidon, but now I will find the rainbow room. Again, to get back to my health like going to the foot doctor. Maybe I will go to day program tomorrow. Then maybe got to Mountain View on Friday. Maybe I will do my ceramics and have lunch. Perhaps maybe play bingo. I think it would be nice to talk to Mom and Francie. Maybe even get to talk to Bob and Sally. Here is something else I don’t have my TV on, but I will put on one of my movies. Now that I have fixed up that part and all I have to do is turn around and pick a dozen movies about my life. All of my movies tell about things that happen to me. You see, I don’t know what is really going to happen again to me. Oh Boy! I will go step-by-step. I was glad to talk to Susan Sullivan. It would be nice to see Carol Wind and other people out of my past. Again, I am looking out my door and Lisa just came to remind me to do my walk. Know what? At 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. I would like to do my laps. Oh Boy! Well I had lunch, and I said to myself, “Why not play one of my movies again?” I said, “Why don’t I watch Kid Colter.” So I did watch it again. It was beautiful. And Seattle, boy did he have an adventure just like I would have. I would have when I go out but not until my ladies say I am well enough to. I would like to go out and go to church. Maybe I could even go to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch. Maybe, even go to see a movie.  I could have a bag of popcorn while I am there. Well, I hope I have enough words down for my magazine article, Tony’s Corner. I am enjoying my new changing picture frame and the sunlight coming in my window. I better put my legs up and thanks to the Lord and you.

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