Tony’s Corner: Mom’s 100th birthday

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

And so we come home and the next thing that comes up is going to Mountain View and tell everyone about my ribbon that I got because of my ceramics at the fair and the fun I had with Victoria. You know, I enjoy her talking, you see I thought I was the best to go to Anaconda, and then I got a surprise, Victoria was going to take me to the fair.  I told her where to go and where it was.  We got there and found a parking spot. At first, I didn’t see my work, but Victoria helped me find my names.

That evening, we went for a family dinner in Anaconda, it was not too hot, in fact, I thought it was going to rain, and I had to show Victoria where to go. We went down where the big house was, and she got me loose from the van. We started walking down the sidewalk, and it was the same as when I was very young, but boy, a lot of things changed too. Mary Carol asked if we needed anything and we said yes.  The pop that she gave us was very good. We greeted everyone, and I had a story to tell them all. I told them where I was living. Tommy came in, and we talked about all the changes. We had to leave at a certain time, but I didn’t look at the time. When I did, it was 6:30 p.m., and then Bob and I were going to have a brownie, but Billy took it away.  We went and got into the car, and Bill and Elaine came. I showed them all of the pictures that I had with me and boy, they liked them, just like I did.  Victoria and I went on our way, and I told her thank you, and it was sure nice to get out. I got home, and of course, I went up the ramp, and I went to the bathroom and got ready for the next day. I also got things ready for my bed, and I had a bad dream. One of the ladies came and woke me up. She said I was screaming.

The next day was my mother’s 100th birthday party in Anaconda. When we got there, Victoria pushed me up to a nice table under an apple tree. We sat with my mom, Karen and Bob. It felt like my party!  Francie came out to talk to me and asked if we needed anything. I said yes, and she gave me some nuts. My mom used my walker for the first time, and the bag pipers played all around her. Victoria went and got me some food. It was pulled pork and ham and fruit. I again, was happy to have some good help from Victoria.

The next day was Sunday. It was time for my ride and Kelly came. And of course, we got all of the things ready, and it was a real pain just to get ready, but we were on our way to church. I had my shirt telling all about my mother’s 100th birthday, but I didn’t tell Tom because he was at the church. I talked to another priest to be and asked him if I could have communion. I had my hearing aid on of course, the mass and the sermon were both good. Oh yes, the girl that played the piano, she was my type of girl, she was plump. We finish with mass and here we go to eat lunch at home, and I think it was good. I said so to all of them I wanted to leave at 1:30 p.m. to be there by 2 p.m.

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